Why do dogs lick ears

Why do dogs lick ears
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Why do dogs lick ears

Why Do Dogs Try To Lick Your Ears

And that goal is to get your pup's mind as far away from licking ears as possible. This usually helps to aid in why do dogs lick ears forgetting all about wanting to lick your ears. All about Dogs Natural history Dog news. View the discussion thread. This is because the excess moisture can lead to ear infections in the pets who have their ears licked.

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Why do dogs lick ears
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One such behavior is licking. Without sufficient exercise, toys, or treats that can take up their attention, a dog may often resort to all sorts of funny behaviours, so make sure your pup has something to chew on. With places like the ears being particularly difficult to groom, another member of the pack would step in and lick the ears clean. Here why do dogs lick ears ours for the comments:. And the fact that dogs explore the world through smell and taste as much as any other sense validates this theory.

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Why do dogs lick ears
Why do dogs lick ears
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